About Me

I’m Richard Ross. I’ve served the Christian church as an ordained minister, worked in India as an economic developer, taught the Bible as a college professor, and I’m a student of world culture. My background includes theological education at the graduate level and an M.B.A. As an administrator I take joy in getting the process of program development right, but as a theologian and pastor I experience even greater joy in watching others take hold of God’s Word, finding application for it in their own lives.

I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. But my work and education have taken me and my wife to St. Louis, Missouri; Philadelphia; Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; and, presently, Orange County, California. I love our country. But I also love other places in the world I’ve visited and lived in, places like Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; Bangkok, Thailand; Nairobi, Kenya; Chennai, India; London; Jerusalem; Istanbul; Athens; and many other places.

With all of this travel the single most important thing I’ve learned is that falling in love with the history and culture of a place evolves into a love of the people themselves, the people who’ve inherited the riches of their special places. This dynamic of cultural immersion and relationships lies at the heart of my vision for touring and spiritual formation.

I tour in a lot of different ways. First, there are the faith-based tours, digging into the Bible as I get to know the places where God first revealed his Word to people. We go to Israel, Egypt and Jordan; Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Second, there are volunteer tours, digging in and getting dirty building homes, providing agricultural support and, really, doing whatever our host needs to be done. South America, India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe? You name it, we want to serve there.

And third, there are culture tours, traveling Italy, France, Spain, and so many other culturally rich places on the planet. Last year we led a Michelangelo in Florence tour. How fun is that?!

If this sounds interesting to you, talk it up on our blog. If you’d like to see what we’re doing with faith-based tours this year, visit my tour site at www.educontravel.com.